The Changing Seasons


Little Hill Farm consists of 6 acres of land zoned rural. The property is divided into a number of different gardens areas and visitors are at liberty to stroll the grounds admiring the flora and fauna which is abundant.

The gardens are ever evolving and expanding, we have designed them so that something is always bloom or fruiting on the farm. We want visitor’s to always have something to see and enjoy … be it Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

The Orchard

The old orchard on the property consisted primarily of white cherries, apricots and plums, with the odd apple, pear and nut tree. There was also a small citrus and olive grove which form part of the forward terrace gardens and kitchen garden.

As part of our improvements to the farm and so as to increase the biodiversity and sustainability of the property, we have greatly expanded the orchards in 2015 by planting some 50 odd new fruit and nut trees. These trees have included a new cherry tree grove of both white and traditional cherries, the planting of extra plum, apricot, apple and pear trees, we expanded the nut tree collection to include almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pecan and walnuts and planted a small grove of mangos which is a reminder for Adam of his growing up in Kununurra. The mango grove is an experiment for us and uses a few of the cooler climate mango varieties.

It is our intention to harvest the produce for farm gate sales both fresh and preserved and to use the ingredients in our cooking.

The Kitchen Garden

Although the old gardens included a veggie patch, it was very small and poorly designed. Since Adam and I both love eating fresh vegetables as well as the look of them growing, we have created nine new raised beds across the lower sections of the terrace gardens as well as, two large open areas for growing items such as tomatoes, corn, melons and pumpkins, which need space. The items grown in the kitchen gardens vary according to the season but there should always be something to excite or interest a visitor.

The Berry Garden

The berry garden is a new addition to the farm gardens and includes strawberries, raspberries (both summer and autumn varieties), red currants and blueberries. These items are predominately for fresh use but once established and plentiful will also be used to expand our range of Little Hill Farm Jams.

Garden Fresh

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The Terraces

The extreme steepness of the land on Little Hill Farm, has required that much of the land and soil be terraced in some way for it to be usable. It is hard work terracing land as it requires the movement of vast amounts of soil as well as the addition of retaining to hold the soil in place. There are currently two primary areas of terraced gardens, the area behind the farm house and the area in front.

The rear terrace is predominately built into and over a natural rock quarry, whilst the forward terrace is predominately soil. We are constantly adding plants and shrubs to both areas so they become a perpetual cacophony of colours and textures throughout the changing seasons, whilst we also seek to continually improve the soil and expand the areas where plants may be grown.

Some of the plants that can be found in the rear terraces are camellias, hellebores, herbaceous peony, various flaxes, natives plants and shrubs plus a variety of annuals and perennials which flower throughout the year.

The front terraces are very much a work in progress for us. What was originally a mishmash of formal and informal plantings is gradually being transformed into a series of formal and informal flower gardens intermixed with vegetables. Where possible we try to use permaculture and organic gardening principles.