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Open Garden Days

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Our ‘Open Garden Days’ are an opportunity for members of the general public to visit Little Hill Farm and enjoy our varied gardens or to participate in a garden activity. We hold ‘open garden days’ regularly throughout the year so visitors can see the ever changing seasons and post details both here and our Facebook Page.

Some ‘open garden days’ are simply for strolling the grounds at leisure, admiring whatever might be in bloom or simply taking in the sights and sounds of the Farm and Blackwood Valley. Other days involve formal walks and tours of the property narrated by Adam or Antonio, where they give a personal insight into the creation of the gardens and the farm business and then others are learning days such as, how to prune fruit trees correctly, the secrets of propagating plants and turning humble garden vegetables into a feast.

Forthcoming Open Garden Days

For those unaware, Little Hill Farm is currently undergoing major renovations and building activities associated with our Studio Accommodation, our open garden activities have therefore been curtailed until the studios are complete and all building work on the farm has ended.

It is anticipated that our open garden days will return in 2017.

Other ‘Open Garden Days’ are added to this page as they are planned and announced.


Please Note

The Little Hill Farm Gardens are open throughout the year to both studio accommodation guests and food class attendees. For members of the general public, the gardens are generally only open on specially declared ‘open garden days’.

General public admissions outside the ‘open garden days’ requires an appointment.