Tuscan Garlic Chicken

For some reading this recipe, they will see the number of garlic cloves and think … NO WAY, I could never place that many garlic cloves..

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Chinese Garlic Chicken

This tradition staple on many a Chinese restaurant menu, is quick and simply to make … best of all it tastes delicious.

Serves – 4..

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Lemon Tart

This is my interpretation of the classic French ‘tarte au citron’ or better known as a lemon tart. A relatively easy tart to make..

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Succulent Sweet Chicken Pie

This is one of those recipes I have developed over a number of years and is a mix-mash of ideas, ingredients and cookery styles. It..

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Fast and Easy Barbequed Ribs

Making traditional barbequed ribs, is generally a long and slow process, where ribs are dry or wet marinated for many hours and then..

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