Meet Chase


Our Farm Mascot

On April 1, 2017 we gained a new addition to our family, namely Chase our huntaway / heeler cross. Chase was a rescue dog who arrived as a 13 month old puppy – full of love and energy but very shy and nervous.

He has gradually gained confidence and become an important member of the farm, chasing various pests such as rabbits, cockatoos and parrots away from our vegetable crops as well as our fruit trees and guards the property and chickens from interlopers such as foxes.

He is a very friendly dog, always happy to play or simply receive a pat or cuddle.

I Love To

Run, Play and Rest

You can learn more about Chase our ‘farm mascot’ and read his adventures by visiting his personal facebook page

Meet Chase Our Farm Mascot

I'm Number One

It should be noted that prior to Chase arriving on the farm, Clucky our male guinea fowl was our farm mascot and in all probability, he still considers himself to be the top mascot of the farm … he certainly can jump, climb and fly the highest as well as screech the loudest if he wants too but in his old age this is a rare occurrence unless it is mating season or there is a predator nearby.

Chase and Clucky have an interesting relationship – they treat each other with disdain and ignore each other completely, even if they are a mere few meters apart.