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Have you ever visited a place so beautiful, so peaceful, so perfect that you never wanted to leave? Welcome to the warm South-West community of Bridgetown and Little Hill Farm.

Little Hill Farm is our home, our business and our source of pride, constant excitement and pleasure. It is where we manage our fruit and nut orchards, our gardens – both kitchen and ornamental and sustain our (outrageous) passion for fresh produce, the outdoors, gardening, (home) cooking and entertainment.

Our ultimate goal when you are a guest at Little Hill Farm, is to provide you with a place to relax, unwind and take in the beauty of the location … whether it is, sitting on the veranda of your studio accommodation with a glass of red or white – watching the activities of the local fauna or mother nature’s majestic beauty, meandering the grounds admiring the various gardens and trees or even enjoying a meal prepared by Antonio.

At Little Hill Farm you can keep to yourself or interact with ourselves or other fellow guests … it is entirely up to you.