Garden Information


Garden Information

Savour the Visit

But Be Mindful

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Please be mindful of the surroundings, other visitors and the neighbouring property owners whenever visiting Little Hill Farm

  • the grounds of Little Hill Farm are steep in many places and sometimes uneven or even slippery (if wet) – please watch your step and stick to paths where available.
  • the gardens are often bursting with native wildlife (especially birds) – admire the wildlife but please do not allow children to chase or harass the fauna.
  • watch out for bees, wasps and bull ants especially in Spring and Summer.
  • If you see a snake, please walk away and report it to the owners. Snakes are generally more scared of humans than you are of them, walking with a heavy footstep and avoiding long grassed areas will limit any potential contact.
  • appreciate the plants and trees in the garden – but please do not pick fruit, flowers or take cuttings without seeking permission.
  • please do not ring the bell.
  • smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.


Enjoy Your Visit


Did You Know

Making Plants Is Easy

You may be interested to know but many of plants, shrubs and trees in the gardens have come from seeds and cuttings we have propagated ourselves. Some are new items sourced from friends and acquaintances here in Bridgetown and the South-West, others come from family, friends and our own assorted gardens over the years, when we lived in Perth.

We want visitors to understand that gardening does not necessarily need to be an expensive pastime … if you are prepared to learn the correct time to sow, take cuttings and propagate plants, whilst also willing to wait for a plant to grow and mature, then it can be an extremely rewarding activity and relatively inexpensive hobby.

From time to time, we hold ‘learning days’ for visitors which cover topics including

pruning fruit trees,
propagating plants,
raising seedlings, and
growing vegetables at home

For details of upcoming ‘learning days’ visit our Event Booking Webpage [ CLICK HERE ]