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Fresh Ingredients



An important part of Little Hill Farm is food production, cooking, eating and entertaining. We are obsessed with fresh ingredients and using them to create tasty, enjoyable meals for ourselves as well as guests, always having regard to the ever changing seasons and what is available from the gardens and our extensive kitchen larders.

We try to grow as much of our own fruit, vegetables and nuts as possible for fresh use but also employ many age old preserving methods to store produce for later use, especially in the leaner months of Autumn and Winter. Items we can’t grow on the farm, are predominately sourced from other boutique producers in the Blackwood Valley region.

Our passion for food comes primarily through Antonio and his Italian heritage. As a young child, he was regularly in the kitchens of his mother and grand-mothers, who were always cooking, baking and preserving ingredients. They were magnificent cooks and imparted their knowledge and love of food on his young, impressionable mind but it wasn’t until he became an adult that he truly began to use and experiment with the subconscious skills he’d observed as a child.

For Antonio, food and cooking is about creating memories and sharing them with others. Having lived, worked and travelled in various countries for many years, he quickly discovered that food was a universal language and a quick way to make friends.

Although Italian cuisine features heavily on the Little Hill Farm menu, you will also find a large dollop of French and Japanese meals as well as, Asian and European influenced dishes. Some are simply, whilst others are complex … it depends on his mood, what is in season or available from the larder.

We specialise in banquet style dinner meals – where guests get to enjoy a wide selection of dishes in a tasting plate format rather than the standardised entree, main and dessert method.

Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, morning/afternoon tea and dinner at Little Hill Farm or arrange a picnic hamper if they prefer. All meals must be pre-ordered and are generally delivered to your studio suite, except for morning/afternoon tea which is generally served on the large deck of the farm house with impressive views of the Blackwood Valley or in any of the many sitting areas in and around the gardens.


When we have groups on the farm, we generally light-up the large, traditional wood-fired oven on Friday nights and prepare gourmet pizzas and wonderful wood-fired treats full of flavour and aroma.

To book a cookery class or to attend a food appreciation activity, please visit our bookings page.


Please Note

Little Hill Farm is not a cafe nor a restaurant open to the general public. It only provides meals to those guests staying in our studio accommodation and those attending cooking classes or food appreciation activities on the farm. It is therefore essential that you make a booking.