Food From The Italian Gods

Food From The Italian Gods

For those who have been following our progress via facebook, you will be aware that this summer we planted a ‘few’ rows (some 100 plants) of wonderful roma tomatoes. The primary reason for the large number of plants was that we wanted to bottle a heap of Italian passata sauce for the coming year, as well as have enough fruit to also enjoy them fresh or slow roasted over summer and create a selection of dried and preserved tomato treats.

tomatoes growing in the kitchen gardens

The plants were put in at the beginning of October and have been producing increase quantities of wonderful sun ripened fruit from mid December. The stunning red baubles are now coming into their prime and over the last few weeks we have commenced bottling our own passata sauce as well as sun drying some of the fruit to create aromatic sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil. Soon I will also begin to make a few jars of my special spicy barbeque sauce which is an ideal accompaniment for most things especially during the dark cold days of winter.

summer tomatoes

For those who have asked Adam for the varied recipes, here they are for you to try and enjoy. None of them are all that complicated, they merely require few simple ingredients, a few basic tools and a little time and effort. The task of preserving fresh produce whether you grow it yourself or purchase it from a farmer’s market, is an extremely rewarding activity. Furthermore, the end result will always taste far better than anything purchased in a grocery store.

Italian Passata Sauce
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Traditional Red Calabrese Pasta Sauce
Antonio’s Spicy Home-made Barbecue Sauce