Food Appreciation

Eat Well and Be Merry

Food Appreciation

See, Smell and Taste

Food Appreciation

Our ‘food appreciation sessions’ are a way to provide participants with a first-hand experience in how to use some of the excess produce they may have grown in their home gardens or purchased seasonally from a farmers market.

Our sessions often seek to demonstrate to participants – the versatility of one ingredient be it a fruit or a vegetable and how it can be used in so many different ways to create a number of tempting taste sensations … be it an appetiser, entrée, main meal or a dessert.

fresh produce … always tastes best


Our food appreciation activities primarily centre around the produce grown on the farm and include:

  • Preserving fruit and vegetables
  • Farm Produce Tasting Events
  • Banquet Meals and
  • Chinese Yum Cha (Dim Sum)

We announce food appreciation activities as they are planned … so keep an eye on our website events page or our facebook page.

Alternatively, you can register interest for a particular appreciation activity by forwarding an email to us.