Farm Mascot Chase on Holiday

Farm Mascot Chase on Holiday

As some of you might be aware, my dads’ and I spent a few days away from the farm in wonderful Albany. They went there to visit a few friends, do the odd bit of fishing and to give us all a break from the trials and tribulations of life on the farm, which although wonderful sometimes seems never ending. I was extremely grateful to get a short break from my duties of bird and vermin chaser on the farm which in Summer, are a never-ending task … it’s my job to keep the cockatoos, parrots and rabbits away from my dads’ fruit trees and vegetables.

In the leadup to the trip I became extremely apprehensive. I could tell that something was happening and thought one or both of my dads’ were leaving the farm as they sometimes do and I was going to be left behind. My apprehension soon disappeared when I saw D1 place my comfy bed into the ute along with my food and water bowls (as well as a few of my favourite toys). Gosh I was happy.

Chase at Lake Muir Observatory

It was a long, long way to Albany from the farm, over three hours but my dads’ stopped the car many times along the way so I could stretch my legs and have a drink of water. Every stop we made was different and needed to be explored. Each one seemed to have different smells which sent my sensors into over-drive. One of the places along the way was called the Lake Muir Observatory – I had a fantastic time running along the varied walkways and gangplanks seeing and smelling things on both sides. A one point I saw what seemed to be a some Carnaby Cockatoos at the end of the path and instinctively barked at them, but they didn’t fly away. As I got closer, I saw they were merely painted on the wall of the observatory … I felt so silly but thankfully there was so one around to see or hear me.

Albany sure is a big place, there were cars, buildings, people and noises everywhere … it reminded me a little of my trip to Perth last year. As we drove towards where we were staying, I could see lots and lots of blue water – I love the water and began to get very excited, I couldn’t wait to run, jump and swim in it. The place we stayed was very nice and near the foreshore of Middleton Beach.

Once we had explored our holiday accommodation and unpacked the car, we immediately jumped back into the ute and D1 drove into the city. It was lunchtime and we were all very hungry. We went to Dylans Café and sat at one of the outside tables. I felt very posh sitting at my dads’ feet, watching the world around me and even got a couple of pats on the head from a few of the total strangers sitting nearby. My dads’ ate steak sandwiches and I got a bit of their meal as I sat quietly. There were people walking this way and that all around us, as well as cars everywhere. Once lunch was over, it was back to the holiday accommodation, a change of clothes and off to the beach … I could smell it and pulled heavily on my leash in an attempt to make my dads’ walk faster to get to the water.

As we arrived, I saw a big sign saying DOG BEACH … I could not believe my eyes, all I kept thinking was – Albany has a beach exclusively for dogs? I knew I was somewhere special. I pulled harder on my harness and lead, urging my dads’ to run … D1 and D2 kept telling me to slow down but I couldn’t – I was just too excited. I was eventually let off my lead and I ran as fast as I could to the water’s edge and jumped straight in. I was in heaven, I ran, swam and dived under the waves again and again … my dads’ just watched from the shore line as I played and smiled. My repeated excitement eventually got to my dads’ and D1 came into the water to join me. We played and played and played it was great fun but like all things, it finally came to an end and we head home.
After a short time at our holiday accommodation, my dads’ decided it was time to head out for a spot of fishing. I’ve been fishing with my dads’ before and although I enjoy it when my dads’ catch a fish and pull it into the shore, I’m not very happy having to sit around and being told to be quiet whilst they fish. Thankfully there is always some of those stupid white birds hanging around trying to get at my dads’ bait when we go fishing and I can chase them to keep me entertained.

I’m unsure why but D2 always seems to catch the most fish when we go fishing. D1 says it is because he is older and has more practice, but I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that I can’t stop pestering D1 to play with me, which he often does. My dads’ fished for around 3 hours and then determined that it was time to go home and to have dinner.

After having my dinner, I jumped straight into my bed and fell asleep … I was very tired and could hardly keep my eyes open – it had been an exciting day.

Over the next few days we did more fishing, we walked the streets of Albany seeing the various sights, we went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also meet some of dads’ friends that live in Albany. There was Mary-Jane, Jeremy and Michelle but best of all I got to see my old friend Archie the miniature Dachshund (@archie_of_albany). Archie and I played and played at the dog beach in Albany for ages whilst my dads’ and Archie’s mum and dad talked. We walked up and down the foreshore, I swam, ran and jumped in the water whilst Archie played at the edge – being a miniature dachshund, he finds it difficult to swim in the water as the rough waves push him around. There were lots of other dogs on the beach and they all seemed to know Archie, he introduced me to some but I was more interested in playing in the water – I would run in and out of the water again and again. We ultimately had to part ways and we headed home for dinner.

No sooner had our holiday in Albany begun than it was time to pack up the ute once more and to head home to the farm. I slept much of the way as I was extremely tired … I’m uncertain why holidays are so exhausting, but they certainly are for me. Sleeping much of the way made the journey home appear to fly. One second, we were in Albany and the next we were in Bridgetown. I was awakened when D2 jumped out of the car to open the farm gate … I was so happy to see home once more.

Chase heading home to Bridgetown