Executive Assistant Chase In Perth

Executive Assistant Chase In Perth

This week has been a difficult one for me as D1 was once again away from the farm, in Perth. Although D2 tries his hardest to keep me entertain and occupied, he often has many chores when we are the only two on the farm and that means he can’t give me his full attention for at least 18 hours of the day.

On day three of D1’s absence, I got an inkling that something was happening that day because D2 was hurriedly going about some of his regular morning chores far earlier than normal. It was only 7.00 AM and he was out feeding the chickens and collecting their yummy eggs, taking care of Clucky and watered the kitchen garden beds. He never does these tasks so early in the morning. I began to wonder what was going on and as soon as we returned to the farm house, I worked it out … he was also going away because he began to pack his suit pack – he and D1 only do that when they are leaving the farm for a few days.

My heart was pounding, and I quickly ran to the comfort and safety of my own bed … WHAT, BOTH DADS’ ARE GOING TO BE AWAY FROM THE FARM. How can that be, who was going to take care of me I wondered. I’m too young to fend for myself I thought.

D2 had a shower and dressed before collecting his car from the top shed and gradually filling it with a variety of items, including his suit pack … I was really scared but tried not to show it. More things went into the car including my food and water bowls and I couldn’t help thinking – how on earth am I meant to eat and drink without them. I lay at the backdoor of the house watching and sulking at dad’s actions.

Only when I saw dad place my bed into the backseat of the car did I think … hold on a second, maybe dad isn’t leaving me behind – BUT WHERE IS HE HEADING.

Chase Road Trip Perth

The journey in the car was long and very far. We stopped at various places along the way, but I wasn’t interested in doing too much exploring as the smells, sights and sounds where all alien to me and they scared me. We drove and drove and as we did the scenery gradually changed from open fields and bushland to densely packed buildings and cars everywhere.

We eventual arrived at what I thought was our final destination and I recognised the house as being Nonna’s home. As soon as dad opened the door, I jumped out and ran to the front door. I pawed at the door and barked but Nonna mustn’t have heard me, so I barked louder … she eventually opened the door and I ran inside excitedly. I yelped and kissed her again and again, when dad came in, he told me to leave Nonna alone and take a seat by his feet.

Chase and Nonna in Perth

I watched and listened as Nonna and dad spoke in Italian. They spoke very fast and I had trouble understanding much of what was said but I didn’t mind because both Nonna and dad feed me bits of Italian biscuit under the table.

After an hour or so, we kissed Nonna goodbye and travelled in the car to a new place. Although the house was vaguely familiar, I couldn’t remember who owned it. Dad gradually unpacked the car and then he sat with me in the backyard to play frisbee and ball with me. We must have played for half an hour or so and then suddenly I heard a familiar sound … I’m sure it was D1’s big black ute, I couldn’t see it but I was certain it was his car. I became extremely excited and went running to and fro trying to find D1. The door suddenly opened and their he was – I yelped and jumped repeatedly at him, trying to lick and kiss him again and again. I was so very happy to see him. It was a good surprise.


Friday was a work day for D1 and he needed to attend a number of high-level meetings with some of his Perth clients. D2 on the other hand had a day of shopping, here, there and everywhere. I had a few choices – stay a home and entertain myself, head off with D2 and be bored travelling from one place to the next or tag along with D1 and be his executive assistant for the day – guess which option I selected … Executive Assistant of course.

As with all hard-working executives, the day began with a power breakfast where I got half a muffin from D2 and a poached egg on toast all to myself – although the poached egg was okay … I generally prefer my eggs raw. After D1 and D2 parted company to commence their days’, D1 took me to the big park near their old house in Perth called Hyde Park. I got excited seeing all the water and the varied birds in the park … I wanted desperately to chase after the birds and jump in the water, but I wasn’t allowed. D1 threw my frisbee and ball for a while and I played fetch, I knew it was going to be long and taxing day for my senses, so the exercise was good to burn off some of my excess energy.

Dad and I arrived at our first meeting early, so he unpacked his car and did some work on his computer whilst I lay at his feet. When it was time for the meeting to start, we went into something called a lift … it was a shiny room in which I could see another D1 and he also had a dog sitting by his side. I couldn’t work out why there were 2 dads’ in the lift. I was very tempted to growl at the other dog, but I didn’t … I simply turned my head this way and that to see if he would react to my movements and to my surprise – the other dog mimicked my actions – what a silly dog.

At Mercycare, D1 placed his work equipment into a room with a very big table and marked “Project Room No 7” and then took me on a quick tour of the building … dad told me he had built the building and I was very impressed. As we did our tour, lots of people talked to me, gave me pats and some even fed me bits of food. The weirdest thing was that some of them knew me by name and called to me from a distance when they saw me – I didn’t know who they were, but they sure seemed to know who I was.

D1 and I settled into the meeting room and dad waited for other people to arrive. Two girls called Mookie and Anna came into the room and called me by name, I naturally went to them to say hello and so they could give me a pat. They told dad that they were taking me to another meeting which was far more important and specifically for executive assistance. I liked the two girls and since they gave good ear rubs, I went with them.

I KNOW, I KNOW … I shouldn’t have followed, my dads’ have both given me the stranger danger lecture but the ear rubs were just too good to ignore.

The girls meeting was about marketing (don’t tell them but I thought it a little boring). Thankfully I had taken my ball into the meeting and I played on the floor wondering when D1 would come and rescue me. He did eventually and I sat with him in another meeting room with varied people whilst they talked. After 10 minutes, I nudged him (as I often do on the farm) to say you are not paying me enough attention. He stopped his meeting momentarily, got down on the floor and played with me for a few minutes before returning to is discussions with the other people in the room.

Once the meeting ended, we went into a very special room in the building, it had big, comfy lounge chairs that were similar to the ones we have at home. D1 told me to sit on the floor by his feet as he talked to someone who seemed important. I thought I should be a good executive assistant and show some interest in the discussion – so, I jumped onto the lounge chair immediately beside dad and look the other man directly in the face, so he knew I was listening and interested in what he had to say. At the end of the meeting D1 shook the man’s hand and then the man came to me and shook my paw. He told me I was a good dog and thanked me for participating in the meeting. We did a quick tour of the office to say goodbye to people and then it was time for lunch, dad took me to Kings Park.

Our next meeting was in Subiaco at the offices of MJA Architects who are working on a project for one of dad’s clients – the Brightwater Care Group. On the way, we passed an open area which had an underground section so you could look into the earth. There was this long, silver thing which travelled under the ground and people got on and off it. There were things that looked like stairs that lifted people from the bottom to the top without them having to move their legs – it was amazing, I wanted to try them but dad said no.

As we walked to the meeting, a lady on the other side of the street gave dad and me a big woof whistle as we passed. It was a shock to both of us but it made me feel very important. We continued to walk to the architect’s office and whilst passing one of the many cafes, there were shouts of “Adam … Chase”. It was some friends of dad, from a company called Arise Developments – how is it that all these people seem to know my name I thought. We sat with them momentarily and some of the people feed me some chips which I liked very much. I got a number of pats and cuddles whilst there, but dad said we had to go or else we would be late for our meeting.

At the architect’s office, we got into another one of those metal boxes that moves people up and down. In this one the man who looks like my dad and his dog where beneath us – I was very confused how could we be standing on top of them, before I had time to work it out a voice said “Level Three” and the doors opened … I have no idea where the voice came from because it was the voice of a woman and there was no woman in the lift.

We were ushered to an outdoor area with a long table and they began to talk. I felt tired and left out, so I decided to sit at the end of the table a sleep for a few minutes. Once the meeting had ended Jimmy, gave me a big pat and I got to sit in his special chair which he said no one else is allowed to sit in.

We returned to the ute and travelled to our next destination, which was far, far away. It was a place called Beaumaris Beach where D1 is building something called the Odyssey Project. Dad talked to various people on site and then took me near the beach – I wanted very much to play in the water, but dad wouldn’t let me. He threw my ball for me again and again and we played fetch. I liked playing fetch but then the worst thing happened – my orange ball fell into a big deep hole and disappeared. I was very sad, the orange ball was one of my favourites.

Eventually, we walked back to the ute and headed towards home … even though dad gave me one of my frisbees to comfort me, I sulked all the way home. I only arose from my stupor when I saw D2.

The day had been very long with many adventures both good and bad. It isn’t surprising that I slept very soundly that night.