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Until the middle of 2014, Antonio ran a popular food blog called ‘Antonio’s Cooking’ and regularly conducted cooking classes in Perth and regional Western Australia. The blog and classes where primarily a means of sharing his passion for food, cooking and eating … something which has always been close to his heart, having grown up in an Italian home, where food, family and cooking were a constant element of life and joy.

At Little Hill Farm we intend to continue this passion by offering cooking classes and food appreciation activities. These classes are generally small events limited to between 6 and 12 people at a time, so as to ensure that participants have a truly hands-on experience, learning culinary technique whilst also having fun.

An important part of every class is sitting down with your fellow participants and enjoying the fruits of your labour with a group meal.

We provide cooking classes in the following area:

  • Italian Regional Cooking
  • Making Traditional Italian Pasta at Home
  • French and Spanish Provincial Cooking
  • Japanese Cuisine and
  • Asian Cuisine

We announce cooking classes as they are planned … so keep an eye on our website events page or our facebook page.

Alternatively, you can register interest for a class by forwarding an email to us.