Life by the Four Seasons

This week saw the release of the latest edition of “The Bridgetown” newspaper that is intended to highlight some of the people and..

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A Simple Peach Tart

January is peach season in Australia and on the farm. Although there is nothing better than fresh, ripe peaches eaten straight from the..

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Farm Mascot Chase on Holiday

As some of you might be aware, my dads’ and I spent a few days away from the farm in wonderful Albany. They went there to visit a few..

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Little Hill Farm Wedding

The 16th December has traditionally been our anniversary date and this year we celebrated 24 years together and we got married! To all..

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Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts

Being the middle of Spring, there is an abundance of artichokes around the farm and I thought I would share a simple artichoke recipe..

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