Blueberry and Orange Syrup Pancakes

Blueberry and Orange Syrup Pancakes

These pancakes are more a dessert item than something one would eat for breakfast. They are lush, rich and delicious. If you want to make a breakfast version, simply omit the orange sugar syrup and substitute maple syrup or honey.

Blueberry and Orange Syrup Pancakes

The main reason I love these pancakes is that they are light and fluffy.

Makes – 4 serves

Batter Ingredients
2 cups plain flour, sifted
3 teaspoons baking powder
4 tablespoons sugar
good pinch of salt
2 eggs
1½ cups milk
3 tablespoons melted butter
3 tablespoons ricotta cheese
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
zest of 1 orange
1½ cups fresh or frozen blueberries

Orange Syrup Ingredients
zest and juice of 1 orange as well as the juice of orange zested for the batter
¼ cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon of orange flavoured liqueur (optional)

butter for greasing pan
cream or ricotta for serving
icing sugar for dusting

1. Place all batter dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well in centre and add eggs. Combine to create a crumble.
2. Place melted butter into the milk and add ricotta, vanilla and zest. Slowly pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients (a little at a time), gradually working the two together. By gradually adding the liquid to the dry mix and stirring repeatedly, you will insure that you get lump free pancakes.
3. Set aside and make syrup. combine all syrup ingredients in a small pot and heat gently until sugar dissolves. Then remove from heat and allow to cool. It is important to heat the syrup gently and at a low temperature so as to ensure the zest is not destroyed and turns bitter.
4. To make pancakes, heat a heavy based non-stick pan. grease with a little butter and ladle some of the pancake mixture onto the hot surface. The size of the pancakes is a personal preference you can make them small (a couple of tablespoons each) or large (a soup ladle full – approximately 6 tablespoons).
5. Dot the upper surface of the pancake with a few blueberries and wait until the pancake forms small bubbles near the outer edges and has lost its moist sheen, then flip it over so the second side browns. It should only take 2 minutes side one and 1 minute side two for the pancakes to be cooked, if slower you have the heat too low, if quicker you have the heat too high.
6. Turn out onto a warm plate and repeat with remaining mixture. If large pancakes are made fold in half so the blueberries are in the centre of the two.
7. Once all the pancakes have been made, you should still have a few blueberries to use as garnish on the final dish.
8. Place the pancakes evenly between four serving plates, add a dollop of cream or ricotta on the side. garnish with a few blueberries and spoon a little orange syrup over the pancakes and cream/ricotta. Dust with icing sugar and serve.

dot pancake with blueberries