Autumn in the South West

Autumn in the South West

Autumn has well and truly arrived in the south-west, with deciduous trees and plants everywhere putting on a magnificent show for all to see and enjoy as they begin their yearly cycle of preparing for winter.

Although Western Australia (and Australia in general) do not have the wide, panoramic Autumn vistas, which are common throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, you will not be disappointed if you visit any of the small towns in the south-west over the coming weeks.

Trees in various shades of red, orange, yellow and brown can be found throughout Bridgetown, Balingup, Nannup and Manjimup … so get out into the cooler weather and enjoy the display whilst it lasts. Once it ends, you will need to wait another 12 months to see mother nature’s Autumn glory again.

There is a huge variety of trees but some of the main ones to look for are:

  • Chinese Pistachio and Tallow (scarlet red)
  • Maples (red, orange, yellows and purple)
  • Ash, Oak and Birch (yellow and brown)
  • Ginkgo (vivid yellow)
  • Flowering Cherry, Plum and Crabapple (red and orange)
  • Dogwood (bright orange)
  • Liquidamber (orange and yellow)

Want to learn more about the colour of Autumn in the South West, head to Autumn – a breathtaking time of the year

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