Adele Hello Parody about Little Hill Farm Jam

Here is a short video Adam did the other morning whilst I was in the kitchen making Italian Mandarin Marmalade and he was outside in the garden. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. 1

    HELLO. I can hear you,
    I’m in Bologna Italy dreaming of your jam and your cream teas,
    HELLO from the other side, I must’ve tried a million times to access your link- but this WiFi is crap. I tried and I cried and now I’m taking a nap. Xxxxx

  2. 2

    Hello, it’s me…I just called to say that I won’t need your jams this time around….
    They’ve been so good…..and so yum…
    I’ve had so much that I don’t think my pants will fit for very long…..
    So thank you from the city side, I know you make your jams with pride !!!
    I’m sorry, that I won’t need some this time
    But I’ll be back I know when there is orange and Lime !!

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