Terms and Conditions

Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown is owned and operated by ADRAS Pty Ltd and therefore any use of the trading name Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown in the body of these terms and conditions is interchangeable with the parent company name.

The terms and conditions set out here are only applicable to the short-term holiday accommodation services we provide at Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown. For any other activities we may provide, you need to read the terms and conditions applicable to those individual activities ie cooking classes, farm-based events and open garden activities.


1. We have four studios available for short-term holiday rental.
2. Each studio is supplied on an ‘AS IS BASIS’.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with our location, our varied business activities and the specific details of the short-term holiday accommodation we provide and to determine whether it is suitable to your needs and requirements. Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown CANNOT be held liable to any guest for non-fulfilment of their expectations.


3. We sometimes apply a deposit/bond on bookings.
4. The deposit/bond shall be equal to 1-nights’ accommodation and is used to not only confirm the booking but is also used to cover any potential breaches of our terms and conditions during a guests’ stay at Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown.
5. The deposit/bond CANNOT be used towards the tariff of their booking.
6. The deposit/bond shall be held until after a guest checks-out of their accommodation and will be returned to them by electronic funds transfer (minus any cancelation or breach fee) within 7 days of check-out or receiving a written notice of a booking being cancelled.

It is important that the guest provide Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown with valid Australian EFT details to allow the refund.

Valid Australian EFT details are NAME OF ACCOUNT, BSB (Bank State Branch Number) and ACCOUNT NUMBER.

Our Booking Cancellation Policy

7. In the circumstance where a guest cancels their booking prior to arrival (which must be made in writing), we shall provide a refund of the deposit/bond fee as follows:

  • More than 30 days prior to the booking period there will be a 100% refund of the deposit/bond fee.
  • Between 30 and 15 days prior to the booking period there will be a 50% refund of the deposit/bond fee.
  • 14 days or less prior to the booking period there shall be NO REFUND of the deposit/bond fee.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

8. In the circumstance where the Federal or State Government orders a lockdown the following cancellation rules will apply:

  • If the lockdown is imposed prior to arrival there will be a 100% refund of the deposit/bond and/or tariff fee.
  • If the lockdown is announced during your stay with us, you will only receive a refund on those items yet to be provided.
  • If a lockdown is announced during your stay and you intend to terminate the booking, you MUST inform us personally and you MUST vacate your studio in a timely manner.


9. Our studios have a fixed tariff calculated on a per studio per night basis.
10. The tariff is dependent on length of your stay, the time of year and whether you take meals or not during your stay with us.
11. The tariff will be made known to you at the time of making your booking enquiry.

We DO NOT calculate the tariff on a per person basis.

12. We apply a minimum 2-night tariff on all bookings and there is a $20.00 surcharge per studio/per night in PEAK PERIODS – namely, all public holiday and special event booking periods.

The ‘public holiday’ and ‘special event’ booking periods are posted on our website.

13. The tariff is for use of the room only and is inclusive of GST.
14. The tariff for your accommodation MUST be paid in FULL and in ADVANCE of your arrival.
15. We DO NOT ACCEPT telephone, last minute or drive-by bookings. ALL bookings must be made using our booking form.

Extra Items – Services

16. The Tariff DOES NOT include any extras such as meals, food, drinks or any other items or services.
17. If you require ANY EXTRAS to be supplied by Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown, then you will need to pay for these extras which are in addition to your accommodation tariff.
18. Please be aware, Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown IS NOT obligated to supply any extra items or services unless it agrees to do so.


19. Payments for both the deposit/bond and accommodation tariff must be made in advance.

  • We accept EFT, Cash and Postal Note.

20. Payment for any extras can be made in advance prior to arrival or at the time of receiving the item/service.
21. Although we can accept Visa/Mastercard payments it should be noted that these payments attract a 2% Surcharge Fee.

Check-In and Check-Out

22. Check-In to your accommodation is after 2.00 PM on the day of arrival and Check-Out is before 10.00 AM on the day of departure.

Please ensure that all used dishes, cookware and cutlery is washed, dried and returned to its rightful place prior to departure. Please also sweep the floor and leave your studio reasonably clean and tidy.

23. If you DO NOT leave your accommodation studio in a reasonably clean and tidy manner, YOU WILL be charged an extra cleaning fee – which will be between 50% and 100% of the deposit bond.

Keys and Access

24. After confirming your booking and prior to arrival, you will receive an email with a detailed map of the farm’s location, information concerning your stay and details of how to access your studio accommodation.
25. Access is by a key. The key is held in a security box by the front door to your studio accommodation. You will be supplied with the pin number to access your security box prior to arrival.
26. Please keep the key safe at all time and return it to the security box upon check-out.
27. Should you lose your key or fail to return it upon check-out, there is a $30.00 fee to have a new key cut.

Number of Persons Per Studio

28. Each Studio is designed and authorised to sleep a maximum of two people (only).
29. It is prohibited to sleep more than two people per studio.


30. Our accommodation is an ‘Adult Retreat’ and therefore intended for ADULTS ONLY.
31. Children of any age are NOT PERMITTED to stay in our studio accommodation, as it is essential to ensure the peace, relaxation and enjoyment of ALL GUESTS at ALL TIMES.

  • The only situation in which a child/children are permitted to stay in our studio accommodation, is if a family group hires ALL FOUR STUDIOS, for a group stay.

32. A Guest/s that does not adhere to these occupancy condition will be asked to leave immediately and NO REFUND of Deposit/Bond nor Tariff will be provided.


33. We DO NOT permit pets of any type, as this is a working farm in a rural location with livestock, native fauna and flora.

Caravans/Motor Homes/Buses

34. Caravans, Motor Homes and Buses ARE NOT PERMITTED on the property as the terrain and infrastructure is not suitable to park nor manoeuvre such vehicles.


35. At all times whilst on or off the property, please keep your doors locked.
36. Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown SHALL NOT be held liable for any loss of personal property whilst on the property.

General Safety and Enjoyment

37. ALL studios are smoke free environments. It is prohibited to smoke in a studio or in close proximity to the studio building.
38. If you are a smoker you must use the designated smoking areas.
39. Being a rural location, guest must ALWAYS be mindful of the environment and take care:

  • Please use the infrastructure provided such as walk ways, paths and roads,
  • Be aware, that there are potential dangers in the form of fauna and flora at various times during the year, if you see a snake – please walk away immediately and inform us as soon as possible.

40. During your stay, there may be occasional outages of power, water and telephony services. Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown CANNOT be held liable for these outages nor the inconvenience they might cause during your stay.

41. Please be mindful of your neighbours at all times and please DO NOT CAUSE excessive noise or disturbance to others. If you repeatedly, cause inconvenience to others you will be asked to leave immediately, and NO REFUND will be provided.

40. We have a zero-tolerance policy to all anti-social and illegal activities. If you participate in any illegal activity whilst at Little Hill Farm – Bridgetown or cause a threat or danger to others, the police will be called immediately, and you will be removed from the property with NO REFUND of your deposit/bond or tariff being provided.