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About The Farm

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Little Hill Farm is located on a quiet country road, beside the mighty Blackwood River. It is a tranquil, rural setting, just a few short minutes from the centre of Bridgetown. The main farm house is perched high on a hill with expansive views of the Blackwood River, the Valley and the varied terraced gardens of the farm.

The farm was originally part of a much larger commercial orchard and orchard district. Many of the commercial orchards of the region have shut down or been developed into hobby farms but if you look carefully you can still see ruminants of this bygone era.

Thankfully at Little Hill Farm, many of the old fruit trees still exist and continue to provide bumper harvests which we use to enhance our business activities. Further, we continuously add to the collection by planting new trees to expand the variety of produce grown and the biodiversity of the farm. The primary fruit trees grown at Little Hill Farm are white as well as traditional red cherries, apricots, plums, apples, pears, olives and citrus as well as a selection of nuts – almond, hazel, pistachio and chestnuts. There are of course many other trees both ornamental and fruiting but these are generally for personal enjoyment and visual appeal rather than commercial purposes.

As well as the orchards we have an extensive series of gardens – including an expansive kitchen garden which we use to feed ourselves and visitors, flowering annuals and perennials displays, native, rare and exotic plants, as well as various rockeries, water and terrace gardens.

Antonio picking Little Hill Farm Plums

Antonio picking late summer plums … what will I make with these

At Little Hill Farm, there is always something to do in the gardens and you will often find us working, shaping and expanding the gardens in an attempt to enhance the beauty of the grounds or the biodiversity and sustainability of the farm. If you see us working in the grounds, please feel free to ask us any questions regarding the gardens, the plants and trees you see or whatever project we might be working on at the time.

Adam and Chase in the garden

Adam and Chase getting ready to transplant a few dormant plants