A Sleigh of Santas invades South West Town

A Sleigh of Santas invades South West Town

If you happen to be traveling in the South West this holiday season and pass through the small town of Kirup (just south of Donnybrook), why not stop and take the time to walk the main street and admire the numerous Santas on display. This year the town has gone Santa Crazy and I mean this in a good way not a bad one.

The small town with the generous support of Australia Post (who supplied funds for the numerous Santa Suits) has created a wonderful visual art display which is certain to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The town residents have been very creative in staging their various Santas to capture the attention of the numerous passers-by. Many have a humorous element to the theatrical staging (ie Santa mowing the road reserve), the rude (Santa peeing to get the Australian Christmas tree to flower Yellow not Orange) and there is even the macabre (decapitated Santa).

In all, there is some 20 odd full-sized Santas doing what they do best – making us smile and feel good … throughout the town. So why not stop and enjoy the town’s folk happy efforts … you will not be disappointed.

The declared winners of this year’s display were:

First – Boat Santa
Second – Peeing Santa
Third – Tractor Santa

And while you are there, why not stop and enjoy coffee and cake at Lady Marmalade (one of the bests small town cafes in the South West) or pick-up some fresh local produce at Newy’s Veggie Patch (if it is in season and locally available, then Newy’s will have it).