2022 Wine Grape Harvest

2022 Wine Grape Harvest

The 2022 wine grape jam and vinocotto harvest is officially over and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Although we haven’t heard what winemakers in the South-West are saying about this year’s wine vintage as yet, Antonio says that if the Little Hill Farm wine grapes are anything to go by … it could be an excellent vintage year. The exceptional heat this year (some 12 days sitting close to 40ᵒ C) and the exceptionally dry conditions (practically no rain for 3 months) has resulted in the wine grapes maturing very early as well as, developing a higher than normal sugar content on past years.

Wine making in general is always a balancing act between sugar verses acidity content – you need the correct balance to make flavoursome, good quality wine. In our usage, making wine grape jams and vinocotto – a high sugar content in the grapes is an extra bonus, as it improves the setting point in the jams and allows the natural sugar and fructose in the grapes to enhance the flavour in the jams.

Little Hill Farm Wine Jams 2022

This wine year’s jams have the following characteristics:

Sauvignon Blancrich caramel flavour with fig overtones
Pinot Biancorefined, delicate flavour with woody-oak and citrus shades
Merlotdeep, rich blackberry tones with huge character and depth
Shirazbold, silky smooth with a strong fruity flavour, including hints of plum, star-anise and pepper

Although our 2022 Vinocotto has be made, it is currently being aged and won’t be released until June 2022.

We personally believe, this year’s wine jams are some of our best ever and look forward to receiving your feedback.

To purchase our wine jams, vinocotto or any of our regular jams/relishes/chutneys head to our order page – http://www.littlehillfarm.com.au/jam-orders/

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